Japanese Film Festival 2019

Japanese Film Festival 2019

Kids Japanese Festival 2019

Kids Japanese Festival 2019

We are currently looking for people who are interested in joining our English Rakugo Club (英語落語研究会) to learn the Japanese traditional art of comedy storytelling.

This club is not only for those who have Rakugo experience but also for people who:

–        Are interested in Rakugo and want to start learning this tradition

–        Want to improve his/ her English command through English Rakugo

–        Like to listen to Rakugo but don’t necessarily want to perform

–        Want to get involved as supporters (set-up, promotion, poster design, etc.)

At this stage, we are looking for an expression of interest, and more details will be confirmed soon!

Please contact Hiroshi via www.rakugonz.com website if you are interested in participating!

For more information on Rakugo, please refer to Rakugo NZ website: https://rakugonz.com/2017/08/23/welcome-to-new-zealand-english-r

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Japanese Language Courses Term 1

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