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Haere Mai Taiko

Haere Mai Taiko – is a Japanese drumming group based in West Auckland. We were formed by The New Zealand Japan Society sixteen years ago, and we have focused on studying and performing taiko music ever since. Our songs are written and taught directly by our teachers from Matsuri Kobo in Japan. We performed for Taste of Japan every time to present this part of Japanese culture. It is our passion to share and show New Zealanders the art of taiko.

ハエレ舞太鼓はオークランドを拠点に活動している和太鼓チームです。2004年にニュージーランド日本協会の下で活動を開始して以来、熱心に太鼓の曲を習い、演奏してきました。私たちは主に、2011年から太鼓のご指導を受けているまつり工房の先生方によって作られた曲を演奏しています。Taste of Japanでは毎回この日本の音楽を披露してきました。これからもニュージーランドの人々に和太鼓の響きを伝えていきたいと思っています。


“Kotone” was made in April 2018. The Koto is a Japanese traditional instrument with 13 strings and pillars called “Ji” which tunes the strings to produce different tones. Today’s performance will be a medley connecting Japanese traditional nursery rhymes, and we hope some will recognize the melodies performed today. We hope you enjoy the performance, thank you.




Akane - 紅音

Akane is a trio playing Japanese traditional music for events and functions based in Auckland.

Auckland Tsugaru Shamisen 音緒-Neo-

Started as a group here in Auckland in 2015. Currently practicing and performing regularly with about 20 members.

Tsugaru shamisen is known as the largest in size and the loudest in volume among varieties of shamisen. Due to its very dynamic percussive sound, it is becoming very popular among the younger generation, especially those who are familiar with the rhythms of today’s popular music. We are trying to spread the spirits of Tsugaru by playing both traditional Minyo and fusion of Tsugaru and Modern music.



Japanese Ladies Choir “SAKURA”

“SAKURA” is a female chorus group that has been active in Auckland for over 30 years We enjoy singing mainly Japanese songs regardless of genre. We also convey Japanese music through participation in events. We hope everyone who participated in the Taste of Japan will feel and enjoy Japan.


Taste of Japan に参加された皆さんが日本を感じ、楽しんでいただければと思います。

Japanese for kids Himawari

Japanese for kids Himawari is run by teachers with experience in both Japanese and NZ Kindergartens and Day Care Centres.

The monthly curriculum tailored for each class means children can enjoyably experience Japanese culture, customs, and the Japanese language.

The curriculum is designed for children to naturally become confident in their knowledge of Japanese culture and the use of Japanese.