NZJS Haiku & Shodo Competition

The NZJS Haiku & Shodo competition aims to provide an opportunity for learners of Japanese language to express their thoughts and feelings in a Japanese Haiku poem and to experience the traditional Japanese art of calligraphy.

Entry is open to high school students between Year 9 and 13 who are studying Japanese at schools throughout New Zealand (non-native speakers of Japanese).

Participants are required to compose a Haiku poem in Japanese, in the form of 3 lines consisting of 5, 7 and 5 syllables (one syllable typically corresponds to one Japanese Hiragana character), and write it on a long strip of paper vertically with a writing brush (fude) and ink (sumi). Half size of hanshi (Japanese paper for calligraphy) is recommended to be used. The participant’s name must be written in Japanese Katakana at the left side bottom corner. Haiku poems will be judged based on the content (creativity and interest), the use of Japanese language (expressions and accuracy), and the writing of the poem in calligraphy.

Winners will be selected by the Haiku and Shodo Committee. The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Prizes will be sponsored by the Japan Foundation ( and the NZ Japan Society of Auckland Inc. The shortlisted participants will be interviewed by the NZJS council members both in Japanese and in English.

The selected overall winner (comprising Haiku, calligraphy and interview) will be able to participate in a one-week home-stay programme in Japan (date to be confirmed). Students’ haiku will be displayed in the foyer of the Consulate General of Japan in Auckland and also at Taste of Japan, held in Auckland in late August.



Each individual must complete the following online application form: Application Form for NZJS Haiku & Shodo Competition 2018
Haiku poems must be sent to the following address NO LATER than Friday July 27, 2018.  Schools may send students’ haiku in bulk or they can be sent by each individual student.
Haiku & Shodo Competition
The NZ Japan Society of Auckland
P.O.BOX 74063, Greenlane, AUCKLAND 1546



  • This competition is only open to non-native speakers of Japanese
  • Entries must be the writer’s original work, which has not been previously published. Students was create and write their own haiku
  • Any entries received after the due date will not be accepted.
  • Copyright for all entries passes to the New Zealand Japan Society of Auckland. (Entries will not be returned).

A visiting visa to Japan must be obtained by the winner if necessary.

For further information or inquiry please contact:
Adam Burden

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