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Virtually There tours

Entry is FREE to this event (no registration required) but if you would like to join a regional Virtual Tour, please book your seat here (mobile devices please scroll down to register).  Seats are limited!

Four sessions of Regional Virtual Tours:
Virtual Kanto Tour 10:30-11:30
Virtual Kansai Tour 12:00-13:00
Virtual Tohoku/Hokkaido Tour 13:30-14:30
Virtual Kyushu/Okinawa Tour 15:00-16:00

Please note:
1) Registered tour guests must check-in at the Virtual Tour desk 30 minutes before the actual tour start time and be seated 5 minutes before the start time.
2) When the tour starts, guests are not allowed to enter the tour operating theatre.

With Covid-19 closing the borders, have you been missing your favourite destination? Do you miss your favourite Japanese food and culture?

Now you can visit Japan virtually – at our 2021 Taste of Japan ‘Kizuna’ celebration! Entry is FREE to this event.

Featuring virtual visits to four of Japan’s most popular regions Kansai, Kanto, Tohoku/Hokkaido and Kyushu/Okinawa. We will guide you through the most popular places. It’s free but like all tours – seats are limited, so please book your seats now.

We will also have free travel info for when you can travel at the Fukuoka info desk, market day stalls, and cultural performances by our own Haere Mai Taiko drummers and other talented performers.

Experience Japanese culture through our tea ceremony demonstrations, singing and live performances.

We can’t wait to share our Taste of Japan ‘Kizuna’ 2021 with you – book it in your diaries – and book your virtual tour now!

Visual contents are supplied by JNTO.


テーストオブジャパン 絆ー「あたかもそこ(日本)にいるかの様に」(入場無料)