Taste Of Japan

A well-established interactive Japanese cultural festival held in Auckland where visitors are encouraged to take part in a variety of free workshops in a fun way.

Educational and entertaining, we give people of all ages the chance to have a ‘taste of Japan’ whether their taste be for “Origami”, “Shodo (calligraphy)” or Sushi making. Tea ceremony club members host, demonstrate and serve tea to guests. The fundamental philosophy of the Sado-bu (Way of tea club) is “Ichigo Ichie” (meaning to treasure every encounter, for it may never recur). Another major aspect of the festival is stage performance by top class local and visiting Japanese artists.

Join the committee as grassroots ambassadors! イベントの企画、運営に関心のある人はチームに加わってください。経験者でなくても構いません、やる気があればご連絡お願いいたします。If you want to help prep & facilitate events, please write us a line at culture@nzjapan.net


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20 February 2021

Life Church Central

10:00 AM – 4:30 pm

         Free Event

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Featuring Virtually There tours

With Covid-19 closing the borders, have you been missing your favourite destination? Do you miss your favourite Japanese food and culture?

Now you can visit Japan virtually – at our 2021 Taste of Japan ‘Kizuna’ celebration! Entry is free to this event.

Featuring virtual visits to four of Japan’s most popular regions, Kansai, Kanto, Tohoku/Hokkaido and Kyushu/Okinawa, we will guide you through their most popular places, and you’ll get to taste speciality food from those regions. Like all tours – seats are limited. You will need to book your seat and pay for it online (booking link coming soon).

We will also have free travel info for when you can travel at the Fukuoka info desk, market day stalls, and cultural performances by our own Haere Mai Taiko drummers and other talented performers.

Experience Japanese culture through our tea ceremony demonstrations, singing and live performances.

We can’t wait to share our Taste of Japan ‘Kizuna’ 2021 with you – book it in your diaries – and book your virtual tour now!

テーストオブジャパン 絆ー「あたかもそこ(日本)にいるかの様に」(入場無料)







ですから、お早めにチケットをお買い求めください。(booking link coming soon)

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