Japanese Language Courses 2019

Japanese classes in Auckland catering for various levels. Small classes of 4-10 students max. $250 for 10 week course. One 2-hour class per week.

TO ENROL: Contact edu@nzjapan.net

  • Beginners Parts 1~4: For those who have limited experience of learning Japanese. This course uses the textbook Japanese for Busy People 1.
  • Pre-Intermediate Parts 1~4: For those who have completed the Beginners Parts 1~4, or have studied basic Japanese for about one year. This course uses the textbook Japanese for Busy People 2.
  • Lower Intermediate This course uses the textbook Genki 2.
  • Upper Intermediate – TBC late February.

Annual NZJS membership fee ($30), plus class fee ($250/term). Payment per TERM. Students must also purchase their own textbook.

Ellen Melville Centre (formerly known as Pioneer Women’s Hall) in the CBD. Corner High Street & Freyberg Place.

New course to commence week of April 29, 2019. Courses are held once a week on weekdays from 6:30-8:30pm. Exact day of the week will be noted here in mid-February,

Beginners: This course assumes the learner is an ABSOLUTE beginner. You will use the textbook Japanese for Busy People 1. Basic expressions and sentence structure will be covered. The Japanese writing system (hiragana and katakana) will also be introduced.


Pre-intermediate: Students in this course must be able to read hiragana and katakana. You will be expected to have the equivalent of about 50-60 hours prior study. You will use the textbook Japanese for Busy People 2.
Lower Intermediate: Students in this course use the textbook Genki 2. For students from a school background this course is similar to NCEA Level 3. It is roughly equivalent to a Stage 2 university paper. Students should have either passed NCEA Level 2 or completed one full year at university, or equivalent.
TO ENROL: Contact edu@nzjapan.net
Current Upper Beginner; Pre-intermediate;  Intermediate courses: 
We have a number of courses currently ongoing. Please note that these courses already commenced earlier in 2018 but new students are welcome to join midway through the course.
Email edu@nzjapan.nz for more details.